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ConfItemBBS administrator 318K  Solicitor University of Melbourne Student Union VIC Closes 5/9/16 2016/8/31 11:37 AM
ConfItemHelen Campbell 209K Senior Community Access Officer Indigneous Women's Legal Progam 2016/8/29 4:34 PM
ConfItemNACLC 349K Community Lawyer KCLS Broome WA Closes 23/9/16 2016/8/29 10:48 AM
ConfItemNACLC 4K Outreach Civil Solicitor NT Legal Aid Tennant Creek closes 5/9/16 2016/8/25 4:12 PM
ConfItemNACLC 4K DVLS - Local Support Coordinator NT Legal AId Darwin Closes 2/9/16 2016/8/25 4:10 PM
ConfItemNACLC 4K Youth Justice Worker NT Legal Aid Darwin NT Closes 5/9/16 2016/8/25 4:08 PM
ConfItemNACLC 319K Solicitor Djinda Services Perth WA Closes 14/9/16 2016/8/25 4:03 PM
ConfItemMatthew Thomas 525K Court Support Worker (PWDVCAS) 2016/8/24 4:38 PM
ConfItemCCLC NSW 4K Solicitor Financial Rights Legal Centre Sydney NSW Closes 12/09/16 2016/8/24 3:18 PM
ConfItemNACLC 12K Lawyer Hume Riverina CLC Wodonga VIC closes 31/8/16 2016/8/23 2:21 PM
ConfItemNACLC 534K Solicitor FVLS Port Lincoln SA Closes 30/9/16 2016/8/23 2:19 PM
ConfItemNACLC 4K Criminal Lawyer x2 NAAJA NT Closes 28/8/16 2016/8/23 2:16 PM
ConfItemNACLC 5.1K Civil Lawyer (6 month maternity cover) NAAJA NT Closes 28/8/16 2016/8/23 2:16 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 334K MOSAIC Project Paralegal (Sydney based) closing 9am Wednesday 31 August 2016 2016/8/23 9:27 AM
ConfItemMatthew Thomas 450K Fwd: Intake and Referral Officer (IRO) - Safer Pathways Program 2016/8/19 5:26 PM
ConfItemMatthew Thomas 452K Senior Supervisor - Central West Contact Service, Part time (21 hours per week) 2016/8/19 4:43 PM
ConfItemDaniel Jacobs 6.1KOffice Administrator: Casual (10am to 1.30pm, 4 days/week) in Sydney 2016/8/18 4:11 PM
ConfItemDaniel Jacobs 7.1K Office Administrator: Casual (10am to 1.30pm, 4 days/week) in Sydney 2016/8/18 4:09 PM
ConfItemPolly Porteous 13K CLCNSW Finance Manager - Sydney - closes 2/9/16 2016/8/18 2:41 PM
ConfItemGiehan Gergis 614KFwd: Safety Action Meeting Coordinator 2016/8/17 1:35 PM