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ConfItemDianna Burley 152K Administration Manager in tropical Darwin 2016/12/1 5:44 PM
ConfItemWA Job Ads 274KFwd: Albany CLC - Solicitor position vacant 2016/11/30 8:48 AM
ConfItemNACLC 274K Albany CLC - Solicitor position vacant 2016/11/30 8:48 AM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 227K Justice Connect Receptionist, Melbourne based closing 9am Tuesday 6 November 2016 2016/11/24 2:26 PM
ConfItemNACLC 28K Experienced Family Law Solicitor - 13 month contract Women's Legal Service EVANS PETERSEN LEGAL 2016/11/24 10:13 AM
ConfItemNACLC 4K Position Vacant - LAW AND JUSTICE PROJECTS MANAGER 2016/11/23 4:21 PM
ConfItemNACLC 4K Position Vacant - COMMUNITY LEGAL EDUCATION COORDINATOR applications close 11/12/2016 2016/11/23 4:05 PM
ConfItemDaniel Turner 86K Family Law/Care and Protection Solicitor - Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre  2016/11/23 3:06 PM
ConfItemNACLC 45K Principal Solicitor - Far West CLC NSW 2016/11/22 9:41 AM
ConfItemNACLC 93K Deputy Principal Legal Officer - North Australian Aboriginal Legal Services 2016/11/22 9:01 AM
ConfItemNACLC 32K Reception/Administration Assistant (Katherine Office) - North Australian Aboriginal Family Legal Service 2016/11/22 8:59 AM
ConfItemPolly Porteous 14K Legal Aid NSW Family Law Solicitors 2016/11/18 4:36 PM
ConfItemNACLC 5.1K Rights Manager Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies ACT Closes 30/11/16 2016/11/18 3:09 PM
ConfItemBBS administrator 221K PLT Placements Justice Connect Sydney & Melbourne Close 8/12/16 2016/11/17 6:59 PM
ConfItemNACLC 352K  Principal Solicitor, Pilbara Community Legal Service Closes 29/11/16 2016/11/17 6:56 PM
ConfItemLeeAnne Wilson 482K Contact Supervisor Positions 2016/11/15 11:54 AM
ConfItemBBS administrator 132K POSITION VACANT: Coordinator Shoalcoast Nowra NSW 2016/11/15 11:53 AM
ConfItemJenna Dunwoodie 33K Job Opportunity - Assessor Client Claims, Victims Services, DPO V 2016/11/15 11:52 AM
ConfItemLeeAnne Wilson 1.7M Solicitor Full Time - Home Building Advocacy Service (HoBAS) 2016/11/10 2:51 PM
ConfItemJenna Dunwoodie 46K PLT volunteer positions x 2 for immediate start 2016/11/9 5:55 PM