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ConfItemHilary Chesworth 3K Communications and Volunteer Manager 2016/9/23 5:30 PM
ConfItemNACLC 917K Family and DV Worker Marrickville CLC NSW Closes 7/10/16 2016/9/23 9:05 AM
ConfItemDianna Burley 138K Great opportunity in Tropical Darwin 2016/9/22 4:20 PM
ConfItemHelen Campbell 3K PLT volunteer placements at Women's Legal Service NSW 2016/9/20 3:49 PM
ConfItemNACLC 113K  Justice Connect PLT Placement –Self Representation Service, Sydney 2016/9/20 10:23 AM
ConfItemNACLC 22K Various positions NAAJA Palmerston NT Close 25/9/16 2016/9/20 10:22 AM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 233K Lawyer, Self Representation Service (VIC) Melbourne based closing 9am Friday 30 September 2016 2016/9/20 10:21 AM
ConfItemKorie Fardella 3K Intake and Referral Officers  2016/9/19 10:19 AM
ConfItemGenevieve Bolton 1.4M Social Security and Tenancy Solicitor, Canberra, closes 3 October 2016 2016/9/17 3:55 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 236KHealth Justice Partnership Lawyer, Seniors Law (Melbourne based) closing 9am Thursday 6 October 2016 2016/9/15 12:46 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 228K Senior Lawyer, Homeless Law (Melbourne based) closing 9am Monday 3 October 2016 2016/9/13 4:55 PM
ConfItemNACLC 175K Legal Infomation Coordinator NT Legal Aid Darwin Closes 26/9/16 2016/9/8 2:11 PM
ConfItemNACLC 32K PLT Placements Justice Connect Various see email 2016/9/7 1:28 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 75K Paralegal vacancy, Townsville, closes Friday 23 September 2016/9/7 12:47 PM
ConfItemHilary Chesworth 4K Central Referral Point Intake and Referral Officer 2016/9/7 12:05 PM
ConfItemHilary Chesworth 5.1K Local Coordination Point Intake and Referral Officer 2016/9/7 12:04 PM
ConfItemHilary Chesworth 4K Safety Action Meeting Coordinator - Redfern Legal Centre 2016/9/7 12:02 PM
ConfItemPolly Porteous 1.1M Fwd: Current LawAccess NSW recruitment opportunities 2016/9/6 4:38 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 280K Lawyer, Customised Training Not-for-Profit Law (Melbourne based) closing 9am Thursday 22 September 2016 2016/9/5 3:58 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 75K Family Law Solicitor – Cairns, closes Monday 19 September 2016  2016/9/5 8:59 AM