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ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 286K Part-time solicitors - Katoomba and Bathurst, closes Fri 9 June 2017/5/22 4:30 PM
ConfItemNACLC 243K Solicitor (P/T) DV Gosnells CLC WA Closes 9/6/17 2017/5/19 2:23 PM
ConfItemBronwyn Bell 4K Part Time Fundraising and Events Office - EDO Qld 2017/5/19 11:20 AM
ConfItemBronwyn Bell 4K Administrative Assistant - EDO Qld  2017/5/19 11:15 AM
ConfItemKim Darwin 100K NDIS Appeals Project Worker 2017/5/18 3:17 PM
ConfItemNACLC 4K PLT placements PIAC Sydney Closes 9/6/17 2017/5/18 12:37 PM
ConfItemAlice Jones Rabbitt 137K St Kilda Legal Service CLE/Law Reform Lawyer - closes 31 May 2017/5/18 9:20 AM
ConfItemJacqui Swinburne 374K Principal Solicitor Position at Redfern Legal Centre - closes 9am Monday 12 June 2017 2017/5/17 4:40 PM
ConfItemTeRaehira Wihapi 265K Justice Connect – Lawyer, Referral Service, Melbourne based closing 5:30pm Wednesday 31 May  2017/5/17 12:53 PM
ConfItemNACLC 116K Indigenous Community & Project Officer Top End Women’s Darwin Closes 31/5/17  2017/5/17 9:52 AM
ConfItemMaria Nawaz 71K Solicitor/Clinical Supervisor, Kingsford Legal Centre 2017/5/12 9:01 AM
ConfItemNACLC 168K PLT Placement Not-for-profit Law Service- Sydney Justice Connect 2017/5/5 2:38 PM
ConfItemBBS administrator 191K Project Support Officer NACLC Sydney closes 15/5/17 2017/5/2 5:15 PM
ConfItemNACLC 90K PLT Placement Self Representation Service Justice Connect Sydney 2017/5/2 11:39 AM
ConfItemNACLC 220K PLT Placements Referrals Service Sydney Justice Connect 2017/5/2 11:37 AM
ConfItemNACLC 54K Paralegal NAAFLS Katherine NT Closes 19/5/17 2017/5/2 11:35 AM
ConfItemNACLC 93K Principal Legal Officer NAAFLS NT Closes 19/5/17 2017/5/2 11:34 AM
ConfItemNACLC 295K Deputy Managing Lawyer, Child Protection VIC Closes 12/05/17 2017/5/2 11:27 AM
ConfItemNACLC 108K Solicitor Inner City Legal Centre Sydney Closes 18/5/17 2017/5/2 11:18 AM
ConfItemNACLC 498K Principal Lawyer Seniors Rights VIC Closes 15/5/27 2017/5/2 11:14 AM